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Mind of the Enemy is a movie written and produced by Susan Nwokedi. It was directed by Van Vicker, and it features Susan Nwokedi, Chidi Mokeme,Clem OhamezeJim Lawson, and Van Vicker. Mind of the Enemy will be premiered in Abuja and Lagos later this year.

Kenenna Chibueze (Clem Ohameze) is a man of his words who believes his country has the potential to be among the great nations of the world with the right type of leadership. He wins the presidential election on the merit of good politics and is loved and supported by more than 95 percent of his countrymen and women.

He is however ambushed in an attempted assassination orchestrated by the current president (Jim Lawson) two months to the inauguration. He survives the attack but stays comatose for nearly 5 weeks. No one knows he is alive except for Dr. Shola (Van Vicker), his team of doctors caring for the fallen future president at a secret hospital and the current president’s right hand man, Chris Obi (Chidi Mokeme).

The life and contributions of the comatose president elect is brought to light through interviews conducted by the respected media personality, Angela Anadu (Susan Nwokedi). The story takes us on several twists and turns and has the right mixture of good dialogue, drama, action, politics and romance.

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